Speed and convenience in everyday agreements-
Marinate makes it easy.

Keep using your
favorite apps

Who has time to learn another new fancy app? Marinate seamlessly integrates with SMS, email, your favorite chat app, Slack, and basically every other app under the sun, so that you can keep using whatever you prefer to use. 

Visualize how work
actually happens

Over 80% of business agreements are informal conversations that have never been captured or analyzed. Marinate gives you context and insights into how actual work is done to drive continuous improvement.

No more confusion,
delays, or disputes

Your projects move fast, with deals and changes consistently made on the fly. Marinate keeps all stakeholders organized, informed, and honest by creating a transparent audit log that anyone can independently and easily verify.

Check out Marinate in action!

Remote Work

Don’t let complexity, confusion, or app fragmentation stand in the way - collaborate and monitor progress confidently with your teams.

Equipment Leasing

Confidently agree on data and revenues generated by equipment via cryptographically-secure hardware endpoints, anchored to an audit trail.

Construction Change Orders

Get on the same page on critical change order communications to maintain accountability and minimize delays, all backed by a reliable audit log.