Keeping a tight grip of expenses on a construction site is not for the faint-hearted: the numbers from the field are hard to track and even harder to report on time. Sharing construction reports and getting approvals from the office can take days, while the clock is ticking and the costs keep piling up. Yet, subcontractor daily reports need to be intact at all times – and if they’re not, beware of delays and costly disputes.

Sure you’re using the right construction project management tools?

Construction site reports are a mess. You may be already tracking construction expenses, but we bet reporting from the job site still takes a lot of effort and coordination. Builders sending the subtotals for materials to field-managers who need to copy the account receivables and only after that the reports are put on the record. Phew! Even with phones and tablets, it’s next to impossible to get accurate daily activity reports of additional charges and progress made on site. Manual calendar tracking doesn’t really work: you end up having five people looking at the same contract trying to make sense of where to bill that truck delivery or a leaky pipe overhead.

Use Marinate to send daily activity reports and get quick approvals. 

With Marinate, construction reports and spending on-site become transparent and accountable, and you no longer need to check in with the contract bidder, your accountant, and whoever else you need to sign-off. 

Your people in the field need a handy way to share updates, and Marinate will help timely record all the changes and get automatic approvals. It works with any construction project management tool and lets you share construction reports in one click.

Stick to your project management plan and reporting routine – whether it is email, SMS, or your app chat. Marinate works with them all: just create a new message and attach all the photos and specs. No Excel forms, or daily report samples – you can put everything right in the message and send it to your foreman. They’ll get an instant alert and give you the green light right away. Tracking daily expenses and billing cycles becomes much easier and transparent. Now you know for sure where the problem is and who is responsible for it. 

Work on schedule and stay on budget with Marinate: no complicated downloads, no setting up the software.