Your remote team is losing time on Zoom and Slack. 

Work-from-home and remote work is here to stay, and hopping on Zooms calls every hour or using a dozen instant messaging apps is only hurting your team’s performance. Not giving a definite reply on time sometimes can cost you an important client, and pointing fingers about who said what and when loses you even more precious time and human resources.

  • Too many meetings and chat windows only bring delays.
  • Remote approvals can take days.
  • Hard to track the performance.
  • Hard to spot problems.
  • You end up spending hours connecting A to B.

Get things done faster when working remotely.  

Getting timely approvals ranks high on the remote work checklist, but happens rarely in real life. Not sure what to do next, and that chat thread has been dormant for days?  For the project to move along as planned, you need a quicker way to bring everyone on the same page. Marinate lets you optimize the use of collaboration apps to get the green light faster: keep your stack and track the approval process in real-time via our powerful integrations. 

You can send approval requests, or sign off on the incoming, in one-click right from your favorite app, or simply use email. With automatic alerts sent to your inbox, you can stay focused on work instead of constantly checking Slack. Not only do you get the sign-off faster, but know for sure who’s reviewing at a given time and how many more to go. 

Beat remote work challenges with real-time tracking. 

For remote work best practices, Marinate gives you everything to consistently track progress. If you’re managing a distributed team, you’ll definitely appreciate its interactive timeline that shows all stakeholder roles and interactions. Have all approvals in one place to spot the bottlenecks early on and act promptly. The approval status is in full view of project owners, giving the clarity and understanding of the stages and progress by stakeholder, role, and timeframe.

Stop wasting time on trivial approvals – try Marinate to keep your remote team in sync!