Cost and confusion of change orders.

Managing change orders to ensure correct billing and timely payouts can be very tricky. There can be up to 50 change orders on the site daily – all sent via random messaging, emailing, faxing, or conversations. So you end up spending weeks on getting trivial change order approvals and arguing with the client about the scope of work or amount of compensation.

  • Mobile tracking and sharing tools help optimize the change order billing. 
  • Mobile apps are widely used for change orders and daily field reports.
  • You can start saving thousands of dollars without changing your daily routine with Marinate. 
  • Use your favorite messengers, email, or SMS, to get sign-offs faster for quicker payouts.

Speedy change orders approvals, no matter what they use.

Marinate lets you easily create and share change order requests with others, no matter what software they’re using. Where Excel and bulky enterprise software fail, it offers an easy way to keep track of the sign-off process on your construction site – all you need is a mobile phone. 

Create and submit new change order requests in the app, or simply send an email or text to the client. Marinate will instantly notify them and update you once they signed off. 

Device mock up

Working between several projects at the same time across multiple teams? Receive new change order requests right to the messenger you’re using, browse all the comments and attachments, and sign-off in a matter of minutes. With a powerful Gmail integration, all the team members get visibility on who and when the change order was sent to and receive approvals near real-time. 

To accurately track the construction stages and forecast delays, browse all change orders on the project in a single, chronological view where they are automatically date and time-stamped. 

Forget the response times that take weeks – now you know for sure when the client gives you the green light. Get paid for change orders faster and plan out your time better with Marinate.

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