Siloed collaboration loses your company money.

Daily communication between co-workers and business partners today remains mostly unstructured. Over 80% of business agreements are still shared randomly in messengers, emails, app chats, and watercooler conversations. It makes it very difficult to timely capture critical approvals, especially in highly complex and rapidly changing work settings, such as remote work, construction, heavy asset leasing, financial factoring, and the like. 

  • Process fragmentation leads to 50% more time spent on collaborative activities.
  • 30% of revenue is lost annually on resolving coordination overheads.
  • Marinate gives speed and clarity to everyday casual agreements.
  • Just keep using your favorite apps.

Transparent and speedy approvals, no matter how and where you work.

Now you can stay focused on work instead of constantly toggling between collaboration apps and chasing people to get trivial approvals. Marinate will be seamlessly retaining process approvals from emails, app messages, and even SMS threads making daily business exchanges transparent and verifiable.

Get approvals faster. 

Easily collect sign-offs from people both from inside and outside your organization, and monitor the decision-making process near real-time.

Keep using your favorite apps.

Consistently track everyday agreements without leaving your go-to messengers and collaboration apps.

Spend less time on disputes.

Know for a fact who said what and when not only in your company’s internal processes but also in all customer and partner interactions.

Make business decisions faster. 

No matter how and where you work, you’ll never miss an important sign-off or approval request.  You can either work in the app or onboard one of the dozens of integrations and keep using your favorite collaboration tools. When sharing with a non-Marinate user, select an integration that you’d like to connect so that they could receive alerts right to their inbox. 

If you’re constantly switching between teams, or work with people from multiple companies, you don’t even have to install Marinate – just use its powerful integrations to create, share, and sign-off on critical process approvals. 

Create a record right from your inbox or app of choice and add stakeholders by their email or app handle copying the Marinate bot. You both will receive all the record details in the message/email body and be prompted to sign off or reject the proposed record right from your inbox. You can easily track the progress by receiving notifications to your email or to the app that you’re using.

Sign-off on new approval requests in one click, browse color-coded records grouped by projects, view all the records pending, and get instantly notified when someone signs-off or rejects. Marinate will automatically record and store all sign-offs in its dashboard, so that you could switch to the app later to browse all the records pending and the approval progress. 

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Now you can finally capture everyday business agreements leaving no room for confusion and disputes. Your team will spend less time and money on administrative verifications minimizing the costs associated with lengthy approvals.