Don’t sit around waiting for the client to sign off on a change. Marinate lets you instantly put a new change order on the record and get the sign-off in a matter of hours. 

Slow change order approvals lose you money. 

Typing in a lengthy form every time you need to submit a change order? Did work on-site without a change order? Driving around chasing the client to get that signature on paper? Cracking your head around change order clauses? Meanwhile, your team is left in limbo and you never know for sure if the change order will actually be approved and you actually get paid. The bottom line? Misunderstanding costs you money, and you need a faster way to get change order approvals.

Have change orders set in stone. 

Forget fillable change order forms, be smart, and see construction change order best practices in action.  Marinate lets you quickly put every change on the record and be sure you and the client are on the exact same page. With all change orders digitally signed and stored in an easy-to-use dashboard, you can forget about misunderstandings. 

Get the sign-offs faster.

Driving around to get the client to approve the change? Marinate lets you notify people right in the app and attach all the photos and drawings to prove your point.

No more paper forms.

Send all the change order specs and attachments sent to the client in no time. Just keep using whatever you like to create and share change order requests – Marinate integrates with dozens of apps to get you almost instant approvals.

No more loosey-goosey.

Browse all the changes by project and know for sure who and when signed the change. Marinate will alert you when the client has signed off on a change. You can monitor the approval process near real-time and plan your schedule better. 

Change orders are slowing your site down – try Marinate to get paid faster!