Are remote workers more productive with remote conferencing software? 

In the new COVID normal, effective remote work setups and team management tools have tripled in numbers. Remote conferencing can help remote workers be more productive but has a myriad of coordination concerns. When best practices for managing remote employees fail, remote work communication should be tracked at all times, especially when it comes to customer interactions, or sharing sensitive commercial information. If not, beware of pointing fingers when things don’t go as planned, or worse – client and labor disputes in court.

New York Times Magazine: “The sudden shift to online meetings has prompted executives and employees everywhere to rethink how many are truly necessary.”

  • Having ten meetings a day doesn’t help, neither do Google Calendar’s alerts. 
  • More precious work hours on manual scheduling and reporting.
  • Marinate lets you get rid of tedious administrative tasks once and for all.

Beat remote work’s biggest challenge with Marinate.

Oftentimes, remote work productivity is tampered by tedious and lengthy approval processes. Marinate lets you know for sure who said what when. You can browse the decisions made on your project all in one place along with the documents and other attachments. Instead of setting up phone calls, send instant approval requests to your colleagues and get replies in a blink of an eye. How so? Our app integrates with pretty much every collaboration app under the sun and allows to share updates in real-time.

Manage remote employees better with fewer collaboration apps.

Remote conferencing and collaboration apps are not the pre-requisite for success. Marinate helps you to keep your remote employees in sync without spending time learning new software or switching between the apps. They can work remotely effectively using just their email or app chat. 

If you ever had disagreements over missed deadlines and payouts, they are now a thing of the past. Now you can plan your hours better, as you know exactly where you at on a task. Marinate makes your remote work setup fully accountable and transparent. You can monitor the approval process and see how far your team made it so far. Your clients will be happy, as their wait-times become much shorter, and they get the full picture for all their requests.