The biggest challenge for digital accounting systems.

Efficient digital record-keeping means less tax and audit stress for accounting and finance teams when reconciling revenue, expenses, assets, and liability accounts. Marinate gives you the unmatched accuracy of electronic records and lets you easily manage expense records and monitor every financial transaction – even when closing books remotely. Have all your financial data pulled from whatever accounting software and apps you’re using, and get rid of financial discrepancies once and for all.

Always-on audit of accounting transactions.  

Marinate saves each invoice’s history, allowing users to see when sent, viewed, paid, and any responses or communication between you and the customer. Trace the financial data from posting the invoice to the source document (a receipt, voucher, etc.) and view the full process of a given transaction. 

Have an audit trail for every document visible at any time and access accounting records from any device. If you find any discrepancies in your financials, Marinate will determine what accounting records are missing. It’s a reliable way to find out whether transactions are executed in a due and timely manner. By looking at these missing parts, data quality and consistency are also drastically improved. 

Increase the speed and accuracy of digital record keeping.

There’s one problem with managing electronic records that persists – sloppy, error-prone accounting records. Invoices, balance sheets, VAT records, purchase orders, monthly statements, are still widely misreported. Even with the most exquisite record management system, it is still the people who enter the transactions into accounting software at the end of the day. 

Marinate will spare you from the accountant’s biggest nightmare once and for all. No matter how many accounting records and reports are generated throughout your accounting period, they all will be duly recorded and tracked. The best part is that iour audit logging cannot be reversed – hence the risk of losing or tampering with the numbers is completely covered. 

Monitoring the invoice lifecycle end-to-end and getting timely approvals is especially important when closing the books remotely. Marinate lets you settle payments and streamline the accounts payable process by notifying the next person in line to sign off on the document. 

Forget about sloppy records and missed accounting deadlines, try Marinate’s demo today!