Staying in touch with your customer all the step of the way is now more critical than ever for everyone in online business, from software vendors to electronic dealerships and e-commerce, especially when selling to enterprise customers. The problem is that customer support today is scattered across CRM platforms and chat messengers, making it very difficult to have the right data at hand when needed.

At the same time, making sure sensitive contractual information is properly tracked and protecting your customer’s privacy is increasingly important, no matter how and when that communication takes place. Whether customer service agreements or live chat support, customer-facing processes have a few common customer service challenges in common: 

Track customer-facing communication to increase sales.

Prioritizing customer experience is especially important for growing businesses. To improve customer retention and satisfaction, Marinate gives you direct access to customer data to track customer-facing communication, contract lifecycles, and performance of software maintenance clauses. It will help customer support teams and agents to boost customer retention and collect customer information in a secure and compliant manner.

Track communication with your customer to improve the satisfaction rate.  

Getting mixed messages from different customer support reps is probably the most annoying thing for your clients. Marinate’s intuitive dashboard lets you effectively collect all communication and customer data and put it into a format that works for everyone. 

An easily shared reference point for audits.

Marinate’s reports are easy to share inside your customer support team, for external auditing, and any other third party looking to audit your customer relationship process. 

Track how your support team is meeting the SLA standards.

With Marinate’s automated alerts received right to their inbox, support agents will know when the action is needed and act on a support ticket faster than before. Not only react, but also track the communication instance from start to finish to be able to find gaps in accountability, reasons for delays, and other process inefficiencies. 

Track breach of warranty and remedy conditions with 100% certainty for better protection in litigation. 

Have a transparent and trusted relationship with your customers – they will surely appreciate it and come back for more business.