Convenient and accountable
change orders.

Convenient and verifiable change order records that involve exactly zero lawyers, keeping your projects moving forward quickly, and keeping everyone honest.

Using complex software on a construction site to communicate critical changes is a no-go – so we used the best-in-class cryptography to make even simple texting as reliable and auditable.

Automated change order tracking.

Ready-made for construction sites.

All you need is your mobile phone.

Zero-effort change
order confirmations

You’re here to build, not to enter data. Marinate makes simple texting / chatting / emailing completely verifiable, so rest assured and keep building!

Never lose track of
who said what when

Marinate’s audit log makes it trivial to keep track of all the most important agreements on the job, so you always know what has happened with zero surprises.

Keep everyone
transparently accountable

The sheer number and frequency of change orders can overwhelm anyone. Don’t let confusion or outright bad actors cost you time and money with Marinate’s tamper-proof audit log keeping everyone honest.