Collaborate confidently.

Whether your team is fully distributed, clustered, or hybrid, Marinate can help you become more productive by eliminating guesswork and confusion.

Bring your own app to work.

You, your teammates, your boss, your partners and customers all like their routines. Marinate’s simple integrations eliminate app silos and let you keep using favorite apps, no matter how and where you work.

Coordinate with clear and
explicit handshake agreements

No more guesswork or double checking of sign-offs or approvals. Marinate virtually adds an explicit ‘Agree’ button to casual interactions to make sure that actual work is never interrupted, nor confusing, and always moves forward.

See what’s happening in real time

With a slew of additional views on involvement and efficiency,
Marinate is very simple to use and enables businesses to capture real-time operations in, well, real-time!